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Anyone know what this is on the F-15?

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I have seen a few pictures of F-15s that have a small cube, maybe a new IFF probe on top of the nose just before the start of the radome. Anybody know what it is. I have not seen any F-15Es with them, only in recent F-15Cs and MSIP F-15As. The Superhornet also has a flat rectangle buldge on top of it's nose which I assume to be some sort of IFF antenna.



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Guest IguanaKing

The IFF antennas are usually mounted on the radar plate. I imagine that the bump in that area on both the 18 and 15 is either some kind of data-link antenna, or possibly a TCAS-related item.

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WOW that F-15 looks brand new...are there any new built F-15's or they are joust geting aupgraded? BTW how many AESA upgrades have been made?


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There are no new built F-15C/Ds. Only the F-15Ks and F-15SGs are are in production now. The are 18 F-15Cs equiped with the APG-63V2 AESA, based in Alaska. They have AK tail codes.


The USAF F-15Es are due to start recieving the APG-63V3 AESA from the end of this year. Around 100 USAF F-15C/Ds are due to get the V3 air to air only from 2008.

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