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The "WHAT IF" User Mods Screenshots and Videos

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almost ready

Hey Guys i like the Coastguard assets. I will be dropping these when the Marianna Map Drops. Hopefully sooner than later. They are already in DCS.   Follow my channel here!   

Hold The Heights Episode 3 - Into the Dark


Evening of the first day of the 1973 Yom Kippur war on the Golan Heights. Israeli covering forces are stretched to the breaking point and gaps are starting to appear. Syria air defenses are intact and inflicting losses on the Israeli airforce. What can one lone A-4 do? Have a look and see.


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Regards / Grüße


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Great work Eight! Cant wait for all of that...

I would like that exterior model of Huey to be updated soon, cant take any longer that issue betwen tail and fuselage... kinda reflection seems so akward in that merged section...

Clear skies and happy flying,
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