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logitech profiler and DCS World .exe

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Hi, i m using a joy logitech extreme 3D pro, and logitech profiler usualy recognize the name of the game EXE and load the associated config file for the joystick.


but with DCS world this seems don't function, someone know the exact name of the exe?



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But, if I switch to Multiplayer, Launcher.exe is launched.

Then my G13 drops the profile.


That's the problem for me.


EDIT: Wrong! My bad. I experienced this before. Today, not! DCS.exe works... Sorry...

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I have a similar issue...


I don't use the Logitech joystick, but have the mouse/keyboard software (Logitech Gaming Software), which provides custom mapping of the mouse/keyboard buttons (i.e., my Mouse 4 button = Pause/Break)...


It is set to load the profile with DCS.exe, however, it does not load inside the sim unless I ALT+TAB out, and back in after the actual sim launches...


And it happens every time it's launched (i.e., I finish a mission, return to the "launcher", select another mission, click fly, wait for the sim to load, then I have to ALT+TAB/return for the mouse to work as programmed).


I remember something else that was solved by ALT+TABbing, but I'll be durned if I can remember what it was... Related issue?


Anyway, lengthy post to say, "Try ALT+TABbing out to the desktop, then back in to see if it helps..." :smilewink:

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