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Find, Fix, Finish---COOP


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The United States mounts a kill/capture mission on Russian jihadist "Muhammed Al-Zwaquari" under the cover of night.



Evening gents. Intel reports that "Al-Zwaquari" is staying the night in a village south of Teberda. We need to take this opportunity and kill this sonnabitch while we still can. A team of Navy SEALs will be inserted into the village by the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. The SEALs will kill Zwaquari then exfil out. We have already have a CIA mole in the village that will mark the LZ's for you. A F-117 is available to provide CENTCOM eyes on target as well as for CAS. Be careful. The village itself and the towns enroute are crawling with terrorists. Hit hard and hit fast. Good luck.


Follow the flight plan. LZ will be marked as you approach the village. After the SEALs execute the target, pick them up at the smoke. Exfil the same way you came in.


Required Mods

160th SOAR skin (Medevac and USAF versions optional)






Editor Notes

This mission is a difficult one. Fly low and fly fast. I tried to emulate the real life missions of the 160th SOAR and the missions they flew in the past. One player takes the slick (this is the helicopter that will be making all of the landings) and another player will fly a Huey Hog (helo with weapons) and provide escort. The mission is complete when the SEALs are picked up and the slick lands safely at the FARP. This is my first mission. Please reply to provide feedback, suggestions, or any problems. Cover picture is from the book "Find, Fix, Finish,: Inside the Counterterroism Campaigns that Killed bin Laden and Devastated Al-Qaeda by Peritz and Rosenbach". Some sounds included in this mission are from counter strike, and call of duty. If anyone feels I've overstepped my privileges of use let me know and I'll remove the offending material. Have fun!



Users/[user name]/Saved Games/DCS/Missions





Find, Fix, Finish.miz

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