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A-10C Activation Problem: Very New User!!..


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TID: 24238 (07.08.2013) (No reply from customer support...)


I am VERY NEW to the exciting world of DCS!!....I recently bought DCS: A-10C

PC DVD (it turned out to be version 1.1) here in New Zealand.


It installed and activated correctly without problems, except I was expecting it to give me an activation code, but it did not...


I went to DSC website: <http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/>

http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com and discovered there was a DCS

World!!!...(Free. including upgrade to DCS: A-10C v 1.2.5) great, but how to



I could find no clear instructions on how to do this if I had already

installed on my computer DCS: A-10C v 1.1..


After much time and review of all existing forum notes I find someone

suggest I have to UNINSTALL DCS: A-10C first, which I did.


I then downloaded DCS World v 1.2.5 which seemed to be successful


Via DCS World management module I downloaded DCS: A-10C v1.2.5.but then I

have NOT been able to ACTIVATE... (crying!!...)


As far as I know I am supplying correct serial number and hardware code.BUT

it always comes back WRONG hardware code.generate new hardware code..BUT no

instructions on how to do this....


I would be most grateful if someone can suggest how to solve/get around this activation (in the absence of any response from customer support!!...) so I can start enjoying...

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Good luck getting any support. I have also posted here with the same problems and have gotten a ticket number twice..... I have received ZERO responses. I was going to purchase FC3, but now I will not.

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Same issue


I have the same problem. I left a ticket to support, I don't know if the error log with error codes would help or not. I didn't upgrade to the 16508, I don't think I can at this point with the A10C module.

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