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Dragons Rookie Terrorists


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Hi Guys,


Today I am flying the DCS Warthog A-10C in the Dragons Rookie Terrorists mission with a few guests in the AEF 161 Squadron server. This video is one of my favourite missions when I first got the addiction that is DCS A-10C. It was the first time I felt confident with employing the weapon systems and the aircraft. I felt like I wasn't fighting the aircraft and all the things I had read from the 500+ pages Flight Manual, started to gel and come together. It was also when my daughter was born and what little time I had to myself between catching up on sleep, changing nappies (diapers for you non-aussies) and drool, was sneaking in an hour here and there in the virtual skies. Wife also liked I wasn't at the pub and was close by to help with the nappie brigade. I am joined by a few new guys and Blackmajic and we have a couple of hours to blast away at the screen. For those that don't know, the dragons mission packs come in two flavours -- a training pack and a mission pack. The training pack has ... well training missions -- free flight -- practice night missions, stuff like that. The mission pack has... missions where you can shoot things and they will shoot back.


Even though the mission was created back in April 2011, you will still see many multiplayer servers around the planet with a dragons mission on rotation. My own squadron will put one up often as they are great missions that people enjoy and there always seems to be someone in the server when a Dragons mission is active. Kudos to '=STP= Dragon' who created, what I believe is the: most played, most cursed, most installed, most active missions in DCS. The ED Forums mission pack thread alone has 312 replies and over 50,000+ views, as of 15/05/2013 09:47am AEST. Not many threads on ED forums have those kind of numbers and aren't a magnet for negative criticism. Usually these numbers are attached to whining about how the F35 is stoopid or when is the F/A-18C is coming etc.


I've added the Eagle Dynamics forum links for the Dragons Mission Pack and the Dragons Training Pack below:


Dragons Mission Pack http://forums.eagle.ru/show...

Dragons Training Pack http://forums.eagle.ru/show...


Download Link Mission Pack http://www.spare-time-pilot...

Download Link Training Pack http://www.spare-time-pilot...


Thanks to Ajax, Blackmajic, Fishfry & Kroy







AEF 161 Squadron CO ~~~ My YouTube Channel ~~~ "We struck down evil with the mighty sword of teamwork and the hammer of not bickering." The Shoveller ... Mystery Men

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