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Orange KA-50 Skin Fix


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Recently i have come across a lot of people complaining about seeing orange KA50's in multiplayer.

The 159th, has for a while now known of a fix for this. And reported it to ED.

For some reason though, its not being included in the patches.




So instead of repeating ourselves over and over again, i decided to provide a solution instead.


I have created a simple installer, just point it to your DCS World folder and hit install.



Orange KA-50 Skin Fix


For those interested in what it does, here goes;

When a mission uses custom skins every client has to have those skins to see them.

When a client does not have a skin for a specific aircraft, DCS World switches to a default skin.

Sadly enough, ED did not provide all the files needed for this default skin to show on the KA50.

Causing the client to see a orange texture whit the text;

Warning texture missing.


The files are located in a zip file called ka-50_general.zip located in;

DCS World/Bazar/World/textures

Or better said, most of them are not located there while they should.

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This is the sort of thing that really annoys me and disappoints me about ED; a simple fix that hasn't been included in the patches. Don't neglect our Shark ED! :-)

Thanks for the fix Falcon!

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Bump, why isn't ED solving this issue? Is it really that difficult to include an 7.something mb zipfile into the next update?



The file causing the problem is found here;

...\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Bazar\World\textures\Ka-50_general.zip"


The following files are missing from the zip file;













Correct the zip file to include these files, add to updater and voila, problem fixed.

Really it aint rocket science.

(even i understand it)


The keeper of all mathematical knowledge and the oracle of flight modeling.:)
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Your point becomes mute if you can't stay connected long enough to see it?:music_whistling:



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I know this is probably dead and its a minor thing, but recently I reinstalled DCS and I am re-doing the SU25T campaign.


Still facing the missing KA50 texture and the "install" button for this patch is grayed out.


Has anyone solved this? Its 2015 and my dcs is fully patched.

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For future ref: fix can be found on the Main Lobby files under the name "ka-50_general.zip", on the 159th TeamSpeak channel:


Server Address:

Port: 10119

Password: jacksparrow


Thanks ajax!

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