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How do I deactivate to install on another computer?


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I want to install DCS World and all my modules to another computer but I'm not sure how to do this. Do I have to deactivate all my modules on the computer they are installed on at present and how would I do that? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

That should be described in the module Quickstart manuals (i.e. "DCS A-10C Quickstart Manual").

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Launch DCSW Multiplayer while holding down the Shift key. This will bring up the Module Activation window.


Third paragraph down there is a link to deactivate your modules. They cycle through one at a time to deactivate (although last time I did this I had trouble with BS2).

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You will find a very detailed and pictured instruction how to do it in the A10C QuickStart Guide EN.pdf


Windows Start >> All Programs >> Eagle Dynamics > DCS World > Documentation > A10C QuickStart Guide EN.pdf


..\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircrafts\A-10C\Doc\A10C QuickStart Guide EN.pdf

Page 10

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In the case my system is damaged and has to be reinstalled, I lose one activation, right? Is it possible to regain activations over the years?

This info can be also found in the QuickStart Guide on page 3




Using the activation number provided (on back of Quick Start Guide or provided

by online store), you will be required to activate your game purchase

prior to flying a mission. During the Activation process, the copy protection

system will create a hardware profile of your system and compare that to your

current system each time you start the game. If there has been a significant

change to your computer, like replacing significant hardware items or changing

your Operating System, you may be required to reactivate your purchase.


Each game license (disk) has 10 activations and 10 deactivations. You can activate your game up to 10 times.

The number of installations is unlimited!


This game also allows Activations Automatically (“AAA”) technology that enables you to create a new activation once every 31 days. This ensures that you

can still play the game, even if Eagle Dynamics no longer exists someday. This

function is enabled after all 10 default activations have been used.


If the copy protection system detects changes to your computer

hardware/software as described below, an activation will be required. It's important

to note that deactivations are utilized to save your activations when altering

your PC hardware/software. Before conducting a PC upgrade/OS

re-install, you can deactivate the product and when complete, reactivate without

a loss of activations. Again though, you can install the game as much as

you wish.




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