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I'm considering buying FC3...is there a solid user base?

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Hey all,


I've already got DCS A-10C, but i'm interested in FC3. Are there a good amount of people on here who play FC3? I don't want to buy it if there are very few people playing it since the multiplayer component is important to me. Thanks.

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well not really atm because of Server side lag issues, and missile problems; been going on for a year now. I haven't been able to play a decent MP for over a year with out CTDing, or lag deaths.


if the numbers are small say 10v10 its ok but any higher don't go in the server.



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There are some server side issues that will occasionally happen. This can be incredibly, unbelievably annoying. But even looking at this issue, FC3 is still WELL worth it. ED sims have a rabidly loyal and fun user base for good reason.


I own DCS: A-10C and FC3 and I ONLY play multiplayer. It is fun to be able to switch to a fighter jet after a guy shoots me down in the A-10c so I can shoot him down :)


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