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FC3 Which AF/ILS am I using ?? ... Proposal


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The SU25T references airfields and ILS by way of the airfield ID number. The pilot simply steps through the airfields until the one he wants is selected.

No such functionality exists for the F15/A10A/SU25. Airfield/ILS selection is a bit hit and miss on these types and consists of incrementing using the next wypt key until it sort of looks to be the one you want.


ILS and Airfield selection is reasonably straight forward in the MIG29/SU27/SU33 as you can see exactly what you have selected by way of the map.Though this could be improved with the display of the Airfield ID number.


The SU25T utilises an airfield number system. What I propose is that this Airfield number system is used by all FC3 aircraft.


So in the case of say the F15 you select ILS mode and step through the airfields with the WYPT increment key. As the ILS changes

in the HUD you get the airfield number displayed as well. this working for RTN and ILS modes. Here are some suggested examples using Kutasi whose airfield ID number is 14




In this way you know exactly what airfield the ILS is "tuned" to.


The same should apply to the A10. The Airfield number replacing the WYPT number in the HUD when in ILS or RTN modes.

In addition or as an alternative perhaps just utilise the last 2 digits in the ILS Freq selection window.





It would be nice for the same thing to happen on the MIG29/SU27/SU33. This AFLD number could be shown either in the HUD or on the MFD map or ideally on both. Here Sukhmi airfield ID 9




In the SU25 you could display the airfield ID digits in one of the windows on the Nav control panel.



With the SU25 since it only has 3 WYPT lights it might also be a good idea to put the current WYPT number in the same

window proposed for Airport/ILS ID when in NAV mode. At present once you go past WYPT3 you have no idea what WYPT is selected !


Utilising something like this would remove some of the ambiguity in FC3 aircraft as to what Airfield or ILS the aeroplane is referencing. It builds on the methodologies already present in the SU25T. Since actual ILS freq selection is not possible in FC3 aircraft this method would be a suitable compromise if it could be implemented in RTN and ILS sub modes.

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Here are the respective Nav ID numbers in the map. Prefixed with the letter N to distinguish them from the other index numbers.


N1 Anapa

N2 Krasnodar central

N3 Novorossiyk

N4 Krymsk

N5 Maykop

N6 Gelendzhik

N7 Sochi Adler

N8 Krasnodar Pashkovski

N9 Sukhumi

N10 Gudauta

N11 Batumi

N12 Tskhakaya (Senaki)

N13 Kobuleti

N14 Kutaisi

N15 Min Vody

N16 Nalchik

N17 Mozdok

N18 Tiblisi Lochni

N19 Tiblisi Soganlung

N20 Tiblisi Vaziani

N21 Beslan



Credit to the 10thgunfighters for using their base map (you can find it with their charts in the Doc folder)

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very very nicely done..

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