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Operation Jackal Day One


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Hello Gentlemen,


Operation Jackal Day One is the first in a series of six mini missions by Quirkitized. The campaign is 24mb in size total -- lots of voice files. This campaign is a conversion of an earlier Ka-50 campaign that Quirkitized created and is now designed for the A-10C airframe.


In this mission, Panthro has converted Day One from a two ship mission to a three ship mission, I think? Your mission is to provide support and assist ground forces call sign UZI in retrieving documents from Jackal's house. The A-10's role is to secure the area so Uzi can search the premises. MANPADS have been identified in the AO so it is suggested to maintain a safe altitude block. You can fly the mission either at medium altitudes 16,000ft or low 5000ft and keep lateral distance from the IGLAS and other anti air assets. We've gone with the medium altitude approach - 16,000ft and climbing. The links below will take you to the DCS and ED Forums sites where more information and reviews of the mission can be examined/reviewed by other pilots.


Jackal Mission Links


A-10C Link: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=99962&highlight=jackal

Ka-50 Link; http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=99549



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