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SAR missions + planes waiting at rampstart for the pilots!


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I'm starting this thread in a sense of bringing new ideas to life, which could probably be more than unique for the DCS type of flight simulator.


I've been thinking of the possibility to make the Huey and the later MI-8 to be able to pick up downed pilots/players which ejected successfully and bring them to a close friendly airport or farp, on a multiplayer mission, as they will already have the feature to hold multiple players (ex: 2 gunners, one copilot, and of course, the pilot), so why not pick up downed players on the battlefield! Also, all the pilots from the same airport or farp should be able to see each other on the ground as they walk around! This way it will make the multiplayer missions be as realistic as possible, although nobody might want to wait until a chopper arrives and simply wants to refly immediately, but this type of option would be very interactive among the players and it would give a better shape to the whole simulator.


After the helicopter arrives with the downed and rescued player pilot, now the player should have the option to walk and enter in one of the aircrafts available to his bought modules, while having all the starting ramps filled with client aircrafts which are ready to be jumped in and flown! The idea is to eliminate the aircraft selection window that appears during multiplayer sessions and have all the players which join a server be spawned at an airport or farp at their discretion after viewing what types of aircrafts can they hold and then walk around and pick up the desired and available one. So each airport and farp should have the starting ramps filled, like i said, with each type of aircraft which may be assigned from the mission editor and after a player picks up an aircraft, then starts it up and clears the ramp start..., that aircraft should only be respawned in the same place after it has been destroyed or after a period of time has passed since it leaved the ramp (to allow more players to use that type of aircraft, or if the initial plane is too damaged but not destroyed and can't takeoff anymore).


It would also be really nice to have the downed pilot able to carry a pistol in order to defend himself and be able to deal some damage to any enemy infantry near by, which could capture him.


The score of a pilot who dies or doesn't want to wait to be rescued should be back to 0, in order to make it realistic, thus may hold the number of units killed/destroyed during a join session.


I don't know if this sounds interesting for others, but it could be a really nice feature!



Have a good day!:thumbup:

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Mistakes, obviously, show us what needs improving. Without mistakes, how would we know what we had to work on!

Making DCS a better place for realism.

Let it be, ED!

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