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BUGs in A-10A Flight Manual EN


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I found a few errors in the separate A-10A Flight Manual:

p. 13

A-10 Missions



Today’s A-10C in particular and use a combination of the Litening II AT targeting pod with precision-guided bombs and missiles to attack from medium altitudes and stand-off ranges to avoid low-altitude threats.


Working from these altitudes in such a manner, the A-10C has four general types of missions in can conduct:


Close Air Support (CAS)

As the initial mission of the A-10, this is what it was designed to do… provide direct support to friendly ground forces in contact with the enemy. Although this was originally envisioned as NATO forces holding off a Warsaw Pact advance, today CAS is a common mission for A-10C crews supporting allied forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Often A-10C crews will be tasked to eliminate hostile forces within “danger close” range of friendly units. The updates to the A-10C of the better integrated targeting pod and the SADL datalink system provide an improved level of

I am unsure if here really always the A-10C is meant? Is this just about an heads up for what came after the A-10A, the plane this manual is about, or is it really about the A-10A and it's just a typo? At least these paragraphs are a bit confusing, imo.


There are also a few more references to the A-10C that I would not necessarily expect when talking about the A-10A - just do a search for "A-10C" in the document ...

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