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P-51D Thanksgiving Treat


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Listen to Ed Shipley closely



The legendary P-51 Mustang brought men home safely, ended a war, and every once in a while it unexpectedly changes lives.

AirShowBuzz is privileged to bring you the story of a woman whose family faced incredible hardships and the news every family fears. On a whim and prayer, she entered the Horsemen P-51 Mustang flight sweepstakes with hope and the chance of good news for her family of five.


With the click of a mouse, Pamela Pfeninger's luck changed when her name was drawn as the winner of the mustang flight. The story could end there, but it became so much more as the magical mustang once again united a thankful family and showed that sometime the P-51 can be fueled by love.



Just a beautiful Plane no matter what..a real jewel..:thumbup:


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Recruiting for Aerobatic Team/Fighter Group...

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