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Odd rendering issues on new install

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Just got a shiny new MSI GT-70 series laptop and have installed DCS World and the two modules I own (A-10 and KA-50).


For the most part, it seems to be running excellently. I can run on 1920*1080 with most settings on high with no problem. However, I am experiencing a strange rendering error that seems to be linked to camera clipping-distance settings. Up close to any model, the camera sees through the near surface of the model to objects inside and the far surface of the model. To use animation terminology, it is as if the normals on the polygons are inverting, and are rendering their inward faces instead of their outward faces.


Related to this, i am also experiencing a problem where, at certain ranges and magnifications, objects on the ground do not render inside the EO targetting system display.


I am including several screenshots to show my meaning.









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I could be mistaken but I think the cause is the GPU your machine is choosing for DCS, the i7 has an internal Intel HD 3000 or 4000 and it might be selecting this by default - you need to disable this so DCS chooses the dedicated Geforce card you have instead of the one on the CPU (might be a BIOS option)

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backfaced external models is the #1 sign that the Intel HD GPU is rendering.

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Well, that was it. I found the option (nVidia control panel, in case anyone else has this problem and is wondering where to fix it) and set to prefer the nVidia card...


holy. shit.


I went from ~20 to ~60 FPS on high settings (only AA and HDR options disabled, everything else high defaults) and 1920x1080 resolution. Track-IR is now running smooth as glass and feels as natural as looking around IRL does. My control resolution is now so fine that, with default sensitivity settings, I can get cannon rounds on target in an 80-deg+ dive from 10k and level out before i break 3k, a feat i could only dream of before.


This laptop has just blown me away completely. I've owned this thing for a month now, and been running on the integrated card the whole time without noticing it. Now i switch on the Real Deal... damn.

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