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DCS Stopped Working


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I have created two short cross-country missions in the A-10A FC3 most current version. At the end of the mission the program has CTD with the comment "DCS Has Stopped Working" as it tries to go from the end of mission to the mission summary screen.


Don't know if this has been reported before. It did it from flying the mission inside the mission editor as well as selecting it from a mission list outside the editor.

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Alienware Aurora R3


Intel ® Core i7-2600K CPU @3.4 GHz

CPU 64 Bits

ClockSpeed 3401 MHz

Video Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1280 MB


HardDriv 2TB

DirectX 11


Track IR


A-10C, BS 2, P-51D. UH-1H Huey, FC 3


I'm not sure where any logs are stored.


Another point, on another mission I created in the A-10A I took off from the runway, pulled up into a closed pattern and landed, total three minutes fifty seconds. The log only recorded three items; Mission Start, Took Control, and Mission End. It did not record takeoff or landing or give me credit in the General Debriefing Window. The system is not recording time, landing, etc. on my pilot record. I've done a similar mission editor problem for the F-15C and SU-33 and both of those work fine. It seems to be a A10-A problem.

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