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Anti-alising in flaming cliffs

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hi. when i force anti-alising with lock on ( via ATI CCC) the game crashes alot.

what about flaming cliffs 1 and flaming cliffs 2 and flaming cliffs 3 ?

is there an anti-alising option in the games options screen ?

and if i enable anti-alising does the game crash ?


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Never try to force anti aliasing or anisotropic filtering through your CCC with DCS, it will only degrade performance - instead use application preference for these and use Multi Sample AA if theres an option for that.


Then go into your DCS single player options and set MSAA from there (2x or 4x is great at 1920x1080 resolution) TSAAA should be left well alone as this can punish FPS quite badly, although the image quality will be great :)


edit: forgot to mention, older ED titles such as Flaming Cliffs 1 or 2 can safely use forced CCC AA settings, it's just DCS that doesn't like it.

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