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No separate sim/game modes for SU25A,SU25T,A10A


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Perhaps it`s not too inadequate to place my question here.

/ i moved this thread from SU-25T issues /

Please help me if you can.


I have all the modules which have appeared so far - including FC3, so i did not have to buy A10A and SU25 i just installed them./After v.124 i did not update, but downloaded all the files from ED and made a clean v.125 install./

The problem: the description says /3D,6DOF,AFM/ game and sim mode...

but when i want to map my controls in the options/controls menu A10A and

SU25 do not have a separate sim and game mode... A10C,Ka50,P51D,UH-1H have both...as they used to have before...+ SU25T does not have a separate sim and game mode either anymore.

Is there something wrong or it is the way it has to work ?

Also SU25 does not have / or i cannot find / `factory` campaign and mission /contrary to what is stated/. A10A not yet tested from this point of view /i installed v.125 three days ago/.

Otherwise i have had no problems /running with full specs/ with this quite

addictive sim so far...so please help me.

Thank You.

/funny, my P.S. i wrote yesterday disappeared... now again... i deleted the `A` from the name of the SU-25 just as one of our friends from Russia told us./

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About the controls menu, i think its intended like this.


Just had a look myself and noticed that;

All DCS modules have both a game and sim option

All other modules only have one option, not specified being game or sim.


So i guess that planes like the SU-25T and the like use one set of controls for both game modes.


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not sure, but I'll check when I get home, but I Think:


Game Mode simply takes the avionics, HUD and Systems, and simplifies the controls

(removing the need to click switches, etc).


Sim Mode is Full On realistic, You have to Enable and Disable Systems realistically with the switches.


Since FC3/A-10A/SU-25A/SU-25T are pretty much already simplified, they dont need a Game/Sim Mode.

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