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Things I learnt after watching Olympus Has Fallen (2013)


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So yesterday I watched this movie, and I am still wondering if was an action comedy? Anyway, here is what I learned.


1. N.Korea is bad, bad, and veryyyyy baaadddd.

2. There is no difference between North Korea and South Korea. They are all just Koreans.

3. Hispanic actors can pass for playing North Korean terrorists.

4. South Koreans don't care about background checks.

5. Taking off your glasses means that you're officially the bad guy now.

6. Wearing a baseball hat with your suit to a formal party will get you noticed by women.

7. The White House has anti-air missiles hidden on the roof.

8. When its snowing a blizzard, always drive really close to the car in front of you.

9. There are way too many secret plans of ze White House on the Internet.

10. Dump trucks need to blow their tires before they become a decent firing base.

11. Once you get on Mike Banning's bad side, don't turn back, he WILL run a knife through your brain anyway.

12. Sniper rifles are the best defense against an AC-130.

13. By yelling loud enough you can get anybody to speak English.

14. North Korean special forces require a tattoo behind the ear.

15. Apparently you can send picture messages with your blackberry when cell communications are cut off in an area.

16. It is smart to stand in the door way shooting at someone who has a M2 Browning.

17. The secret service doesn't believe in bullet proof vests.

18. Less than 2 years after the death of your son's mother, take him on holiday to the place where she died so you can, you know, go fishing (probably in the lake where she drowned).

19. Never trust a kid who's mom got blown up by a landmine, he will hold a grudge.

20. Gunships can easily get stolen in the U.S. by Koreans.

21. Exits of White House ventilation shaft are not locked, just lift the grid to get out.

22. Hashtag is Shift-3.

23. The most crowd-pleasing way to kill a terrorist is with a big, bronze bust of Lincoln.

24. The White House monitors the news feeds from Australia.

25. The secret service don't give a fawk about taking cover during a firefight.

26. If the enemy has stolen your advanced weapons system specifically designed to take down aircraft, don't worry about it -- fly your 6 helicopters straight in saying "shouldn't be a problem.".

27. No one mess with a retired agent, the dude can solo the entire terrorists group which took over the White House.

28. After being beaten and dragged off by your hair outside to a certain death the most obvious thing that comes to peoples' minds is start chanting the Pledge of Allegiance.

29. The White House is probably insured.


and finally...


30. Harvey Dent is now the president.

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HAHAHA... good observations


I have to add to No 7... and those missiles take 5min to get into position during which time enemy aircraft will already get to the white house and firing missiles will be too late :D

No longer active in DCS...

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#31: The AC-130 now has 4 miniguns.

#32: It only takes two N. Koreans to operate every weapons system on the AC-130.

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