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HOTAS advice and facetrack curves

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Hi folks,


I'm looking to buy a new HOTAS system and doubting between the X65f and the Warthog, I even looked into the G940, which is a complete package, but from what I've heard it's discontinued.


Which one to get. I play lots of different sims. DCS black shark, DCS A-10, FSX, War Thunder, IL-2, FreeFalcon, to name a few. I know both have their positives and negatives.


I'd like to hear what your experience is with your HOTAS system, even if it's a X-52 pro for example. Let me know what you like and don't like it.

Another question. I got a PS3 eye, for Facetrack, does anyone have some curve suggestions or setup suggestions for DCS A-10?




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