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SU25 Start Problems


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I am having a weird Engine Start problem with the SU25 since 1.2.5 I think its a bug


Ramp Start

Dark Aeroplane

I turn on the electrics R Shft L cockpit comes alive.

I press either of the Eng Start keys (R ALT Home or R CTL Home)

Nothing happens .... Start light remains extinguished.

I have tried this with my On mission files and On line.



If However I take the same mission but change it to "Take Off from Rwy" start waypoint

I start with both engines running ok. I shut them down and turn off electrics

I then do the standard Start as I detailed in the ramp start all is normal

Whats going on ?


(No issues with SU25T)

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If your throttle is not at Idle position, when starting your engines, they become swamped with fuel and fail to start - you have to return to Idle and wait a couple of minutes.


Sometimes engines won't start even with throttle at Idle position - it helps to add a bit of throttle for a second and then reduce it to Idle. I presume that means adding a bit of fuel, so that the engines start working. Or it could be a bug, but it solves the problem for me.

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Throttles are at Idle. I have tried various throttle settings as well to no avail. Given that the SU25T (and all other aircraft in game) start I think its an SU25 bug.



I actually revisited this throttle thing on your suggestion Gloom Demon. Seems it does work if I have the the throttles just barely cracked. At IDLE = no start, Open about 4mm starts ok, Open any more no start.



Re calibrated (CH) Throttle START issue is now gone ! ?



I still think something is odd with the SU25 as it was the only aircraft affected.

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