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Weird tanker behavior and other ponderings

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Eh guys.


Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with the tanker on older missions... older as in... not built in 1.2.5- though they may be affected as well.


Basically I took off yesterday and went hunting for my tanker. It shows up on TACAN needles with bearing and distance but I can't contact it on radio and I get no confirmation "beeps" from the tacan tone.


In addition, it's flying WAY off track.


About 20 minutes into the mission suddenly the tacan tone works but I didn't get the check coms.




Have an SA10 site that late activates (once) when any blue unit enters the zone. Then have it set to switched condition to AI off when all blue is out of a particular zone. The thing is it won't turn off (although come to think of it I wonder now while I'm writing this if it isn't because the tanker drifted into that zone...)


But here's the thought... if I run once to activate the unit the first time and switched condition all coalition out of zone to AI off... and switched condition part of coalition in zone AI On... will that have the desired effect? I tried to just AI on switched condition the first time when part of coalition in zone- but it was just on the whole time.


Alternatively should I be setting it on a flag base- where part of coalition in zone on a switched condition sets a flag and when flag is true AI is on. If flag is false then AI off. Is that more reliable?


Basically I have an SA10 unit mounted in the distance to keep people from dog piling on various spawn points- but it sets off RWR WAY out of range... and gets annoying. So I want to leave it off until someone starts to drift out of bounds.




Having issues with AI aircraft that have landed at a particular airbase and just ostensibly park right in the middle of a taxiway... or in the case of helicopters land right in the middle of the runway. Is this something that will be refined in the future or should I just start deactivating units a couple minutes after they land? What's the best way to do that?

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Unable to contact the tanker via radio is a known issue.


Right now there is a bug with a few sam sites where they fail to turn off their emitters if the group AI is set to off or alarm state is set to green. Picking up sams way outside of range is nothing new, its a radar signal that you can still detect, thus the RWR will see it. But like I said it is partly an AI behavioral bug. As for toggling it state via trigger, I will release a script soon that will do it automatically. :)


Need more information on the AI landing at bases issue. Which base is it, are they landing in pairs, etc.


Did the tanker have a pattern even though it was way off of where it should be?

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This is the track of the tanker / SAM issue. It happens pretty early on (I flew into the zone to see what would happen if I exited...




This is the mission in question-


The mission where the aircraft are basically just landing in the middle of runways and taxiways is this one:




I'll see if I can find a track for it- but it was reported to me by someone else and I'm not sure exactly when it happened.


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