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c0ff can you please answer this?


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Regarding general performance in DCS.


In graphics.lua there is the section "Precaching" and in there the line:


preload_types = {"map", "world", "mission"};


When i see this line i'm thinking, why isn't there a kind of "objects" in there also. I guess its included in one of the others or its just not practically possible. Anyway background for my curiosity is that when you start a mission and turn your view around, objects gets loaded on the fly. Same goes when you press F2 and F11 objectdata gets loaded on the fly. Is it possible to cache this too. And if its possible is the reason for not doing it graphics or main memory conservation? To do it i guess DCS needs to read the mission fille and filter in the object relevant etc.


I haven't gotten to do tests on it but will pressing F2 and F11 around the map before flying get any less chance of stutters?


If you could just give a very short answer am more than happy?

System spec:

Intel Core i7 920@4.2Ghz (stable, 65degC fully loaded), EVGA GTX-780, Asus P6T Deluxe V2 v.5.04 BIOS, Saitek X52, 1TB/500GB WD HD for system/storage. Kingston SSD 120 GB for DCS, 250GB Samsung 840 SSD for the rest. 16GB Kingston KHX1600C9D3 Memory, 9 GB Pagefile, EK HFX-240 Watercooling, Corsair HX-1000 PSU. HAF-932 Tower, TrackIR-5, Win64Ult


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