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No separate sim/game modes for SU25A,SU25T,A10A


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Perhaps it`s not too inadequate to place my question here.

Please help me if you can.

I have all the modules which have appeared so far - including FC3, so i did not have to buy A10A and SU25A i just installed them./After v.124 i did not update, but downloaded all the files from ED and made a clean v.125 install./

The problem: the description says /3D,6DOF,AFM/ game and sim mode...

but when i want to map my controls in the options/controls menu A10A and

SU25A do not have a separate sim and game mode... A10C,Ka50,P51D,UH-1H have both...as they used to have before...+ SU25T does not have a separate sim and game mode anymore.

Is there something wrong or it is the way it has to work ?

Also SU25A does not have `factory` campaign and mission /contrary to what is stated/. A10A not yet tested from this point of view /i installed v.125 yesterday/.

Otherwise i have had no problems /running with full specs/ with this quite

addictive sim so far...so please help me.

Thank You.

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