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Mission Script Error

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Can someone please help me. I am about to pull my hair out. I keep getting a Mission script error - [string "C:\User\MyName\AppData\Local\Temp\DCSV~mis000******"]:1 unexpected symbol near 'i'


So just to give a quick example of what I did. This is a very simple example and wanted to break it down just for show.


I used the CTTS script for transport. I changed the pickzone1 color to blue and made 2 dropzones (dropzone1 and dropzone2). Making dropzone1 red and dropzone2 none.


Added the script in Triggers - Initialization Script. Created a huey client with pilot name helicargo1.


Here is the mission and the CTTS file I edited


My error.miz




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Check your DCS.log from username/savedgames/DCS/Logs. Whenever you get a script error it should provide a more detailed location of the error in your code, allowing you to pinpoint the specific line causing the problem.

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I have been getting the same message what I did was just load the training/tutorial and deleted the triggers and everything except the Huey and extraction group and moved them around and duplicated or what have you and that seems to work for me. I noticed it happens when you try to create a mission from scratch and you load the CTTS.lua in the Initialization file. I do NOT know how to fix it. but that is the walk around I used

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