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Teamspeak Problem


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I have my own TS3 server and Teamspeak has just introduced an update that I installed. Since the latest TS update I can no longer host a MP mission with TS open. I get DCS has stopped working. If I close the TS program the mission loads just fine. It doesn't seem to matter what mission I choose. Anyone else having problems with the latest TS update?



Turns out it's that pesky overlay plugin again causing the problem.

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Nope, no issues here. Then again, im only a client on a server.

Not hosting a server myself


In case your not doing this already try;

Launching TS server as administrator

Launching TS client as administrator

Launching DCS as administrator


Whenever i play DCS, everything i use that's related to it is launched as administrator.

This was needed to prevent issues of all kinds.


Hope this helps.


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