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Changing graphics cards

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I am updating my video card to an EVGA GTX770 with 4GB VRAM -- my old 470 has been having HW failures which cause the driver to stop and recover (and sometimes not recover) and I can almost hear its dieing breaths :megalol:.


Anyone have experience yet with the 770? I guess it's still fairly new. The model I am getting is the EVGA "Classified" that has their ACX cooler. How much difference do you think I will see (other than my power supply complaining :smilewink:).


TIA for your answers.

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I don't think your power supply will complain at all, actually. The upper-tier 400-series cards were power-hogs. The 770 is not.


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Blaster - I was looking at the the same card last week, it's quite a good card on the benchmarks, but I went instead for the GTX 780 as I wanted an upgrade right away...the shops in Toronto did not have the 770 in-stock, last week with the ACX Cooler. IMO...its worth the step-up if you have the extra funds....I was having issues with low fps on the AMD Sapphire 7850...swapped out for the GTX 780 and I'm running 75-85fps on Max settings, no issues...not even when I'm low and slow with the A-10C.


BTW - Guys I'm looking to sell my Sapphire 7850, only had it since May 2013...don't have the box...but it's good to go, PM if interested.

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