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"No Key" listed in Module Manager for BS 1.2.5


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Hey Ho


Just completed a reinstall of DCSW and all modules. All modules activated successfully (incl. BS2) with keys from the "Payments" element of DCS Website.


Now I can fly the Blackshark (I loaded the firing range mission and started the engines), but when I enter Module Manager and Log in with my website log in and password, all other module keys can be accessed by clicking on the serial number buttons. BS however returns "No Key". I am using the upgrade version which worked in previous installation.


I have "repaired" the DCSW installation and still same issue.




ps Should I have still had to activate each module manually? I thought that was what module manager was for....?

i7 8770 4 16MB RAM Geforce GTX 1070 8GB, Win 10 64, TH Warthog Hotas, Saitek Pedals, TIR5, Woodburning Stove, Dog, Zamberlan boots, P&H Kayak, Getaway Car[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC]

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same issue here...


some days ago i installed a fresh copy of world and all modules. but world asks me everytime for the BS2 key. when i insert, it says its wrong (or something).


its the upgrade module, BS1 is properly installed...:huh:


any suggestions??

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