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DCS World Crashes Instantly After Start


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If your clean DCS server installation crashes on your VPS machine:


1. Check if you have the latest DirectX installed.

2. Check if you have the required Microsoft Visual C++ installed.

3. Check if your graphics card supports 3D graphics. Try another 3D game, for example.

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2. The DCS MOVIE information!


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There are a couple of trick you could try.

1. Older / failed installs may have correct settings.

Clean out the "C:\Users\<the user>\Saved Games\DCS" to get rid of corrupted settings and try again.

2. Run the DCS updater, to check if you received the latest patches.

3. Reinstall DirectX and the Visual Studio 20xx C++ libraries - and then run Windows Update to receive the updates for those packages again.

And please check \Saved Games\DCS\Logs for any other logs - there may be some clues there as well.

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do you know the server has a graphic board? Because DCSW need to have,...




Minimum system requirements: Operating system: Windows XP, Vista or 7; Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz; Memory: 3 GB; Free hard disk space: 7 GB; Video: 512 MB RAM card, DirectX 9 - compatible; Sound: DirectX 9.0c - compatible; requires internet activation.

...but it seems the server has not.

We had the same problem with our server. We played ArmAII as well, but DCSW did not work there because of the graphic board.



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