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AI Hueys Not Using Mini-Guns


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I set up a simple mission of four Hueys attacking some light armor.

prior to the current version, 1.5...my flight would first attack with rockets and then mini guns.


Now....they attack with rockets, and then nothing...they don't engage with mini guns.


I originally set a way point action to attack the armor group.


When that didn't work to get the flight to use their mini guns...I just gave the command to attack targets of opportunity.


Again, in the prior version...I had no problems with my AI Hueys using their guns.


I have attached the mission file.


Am I doing something wrong in mission design....or is this a new bug?


ps....I downloaded the module again after the latest patch...and installed...and still my AI Hueys don't use their mini-guns.


Can someone please review this and comment if this is a new bug?

Armor Mission BTR 80 M261 HP Rockets.miz

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download the whole module again

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