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Mission Editor Question: Switched Conditions for Smoke Markers

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Hi Gang,


I'm a total noob and trying to create my first Mission in DCS.


I'm trying to create a switched condition which will pop a smoke marker at various locations once every 260 secs ( trying to minimise frame rate loss ).


I'm still a little confused on Flags and Values.


I need to pop three different smoke colours, and they all need a switch on and then a repop condition.


Does this mean I need a Flag 1 and 2 say for Blue smoke.... A flag 3 and 4 for Green and so on.




Is it simply a flag 1 and 2 for the pop, and repop function, and the value simply is a random number unique to each smoke location?


If anyone could give an example of the exact entry into the mission editor would be appreciated, as I have been looking at this far to long, and starting to loose my marbles. For clarity, something in the format below would be a big help.


Switch Condition / / Conditions = 1. 2. // Actions = e.g 1. Smoke Marker Blue - 2. Set Flag # & Value


Cheers guys, and happy flying.

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I just finished building something like this for a single smoke colour. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you want to do though.


It sounds like there will be something that happens in the mission to make the smoke appear. Will all three colours appear at the same time, or are there three separate events in the mission that will each make one colour appear?

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