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My suggestion how to handle News-Threads


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I'm watching many 3rd party projects from "big developers" (Beczl, RAZBMA, VEAO, Belsimtek..) and "single persons" (Gazelle, Bo-105..) and I notice at the news threads of all developers the same structure:


-They've postet a news-thread,

-forums mebers commenting how nice it is and

-maybe 1-5 sites later there comes a new update-post in the same thread

-and then the same again.


If you're watching the thread every day, it's no problem and you see immediatley "ohh, a new update of the 3d-model",

BUT if you're new to the forums or you're just checking back after some weeks/month you have a problem:

If you want to see all new screenshots or updates, you have to check 50 sites of a thread to find some pics, maybe all 5 sites. That's not reasonable.


My suggestion to the developers: Post your news as usual in the thread, then the members can comment it AND:

Pls edit you news into the first post of your news-thread, too!

So people just have to watch the first posts if they want to see the progress on the plane instead of searching through 50+ sites, especially if the have bad internet (like me).


Example: (every color is a new post in the same thread)


-Post 1:-


EDIT 13.07: news 2

EDIT 19.07: news 3

EDIT 24.07: news 4...

-Post 2-10:-members commenting

-Post 11:- news 2





I've been long times in the ArmA-Forums and there's that standard, and I like it. Comparatively the ED-Forums sometimes appear very confused to me :music_whistling:

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isnt there a character/image limit on a single post?

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