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[OPEN]DCS World Problem.


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I have DCS A-10C/UH-1H/BS2, and my computer operating system is Window XP.


I updated DCS World yesterday.

and launched DCS World today.


The main page showed very well. and I launched Quick Start Mission and the other Missions.

but there was a problem. If the game loading percent approached 50%, the game was exited and a error message appeared.



Digital Combat Simulator: Launcher.exe - Application Error

The instruction at "0x0fe5d246" referenced memory at "0X00000000". The memory could not be "read".

Click on OK to terminate the program.


I launched DCS World(before update version was 1.2.4) nomarlly yesterday.

but now, there is a some problem.


and other error message is modname : zweiblau.dll


add - and other error message seems modname : Zweiblau.dll


I reinstall DCS World, but the problem still appeared.


How can I solve this problem? :cry_2:

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