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Plane on/Plane off?

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Can it be done and how?


Is it possible to have a "client" aircraft/vehicle selectable at MP mission start and then not have it selectable after it has been destroyed/crashed/dead until conditions are met or time has passed.


Example: airfield only has 4*A10's(I think this can be set under the airfield options) to start with.... you then get shot down.... but other aircraft are being ferried from far away(by AI or client or both)


I know you can set the interval at which ammo and fuel is delivered or available but can the arrival of the ferried aircraft(by AI/client) then be used to trigger a "re-activate" of the previously destroyed aircraft or do you just have to try and co-ordinate "airfield resupply" with the arrival of ferried aircraft?

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Any aircraft that lands at an airfield or farp with resources enable will be added back into the resource system. Fuel and weapons are added as the aircraft parks and shuts down, and then the aircraft itself will be added half an hour later once it despawns from the mission. So yes you can effectively create respawns by resupplying airfields like this.


If I recall it doesn't remove the aircraft from the list, it just won't spawn the player when they hit fly with a little message in the top left saying something about resources.

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