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Improve installation (updater) / Be able to add a "key" on our account


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Following a big problem I had to re-install all and I realize a new time that it's not a really optimized thing when you have not all items bought from DCS e-shop.


The problem I encountered is with BS2 update in particular. I have to install BS1 in order to ugrade to BS2 although the game install is the same for "BS2 Upgrade" or "BS2 full" in DCS: Wolrd. Why not asking BS1 and BS2 Upgrade keys (or BS2 full key) when a customer try to install a BS2 module? In the same way, why can't we add A-10C in giving the key from DCS: World (when not linked with DCS e-shop)?


So, in order to fix this it would be interesting to be able to link our games with the DCS e-shop. Like this, all that we have to do is to simply use the auto-updater of DCS: World.


Thank you for your understanding.

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A good customer support for BS2 upgrade buyers would be:

When you buy the BS upgrade and make the first successful online activation then your BS2 upgrade key should be liable for BS2. So next time you only have to install BS2...

Its is easy to do and very ''customer friendly'' in my opinion.

Just a thought...


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