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Bottleneck CPU or GFX card?

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A quick question for those very familiar with how the engine in DCS: World works.


My PC:


i5 3570K (clocked@stock speeds)



Intel SSD




Right now my settings are "High" in the options @1080p, the native resolution for my monitor. With 2xFSAA.


At certain points, parts of the map, my framerate can still get quite choppy although it is smooth for the most part.


My question is this, what is the bottleneck in my system? Would I gain smoother gameplay by reducing graphics options or should I clock my CPU higher?

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CPU is most likely fine. Run process explorer from here and it will show you the load on the CPU and GPU and a bunch of other data. I suspect that you are limited by GPU speed as well as video memory. I run 1920x1840 and use most of the 2GB vram on my 6970.


What you want to look for is when the stuttering starts/happening check the GPU % utilization as well as GPU memory utilization and CPU utilization.

Also check out Radeon Pro for tuning your card. Its much better than CCC and you can even enable an overlay that will show %GPU and a bunch of other metrics while flying so you can check on your card "in game"

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since your cpu is a K, overclocking it couldn't hurt, i would suggest getting a GTX770,680,or 780 very nice cards.


your cpu is still pretty good, and a 6870 would not bottleneck it, the 780 might, but not at 1920x1080.

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Yeah, the CPU seems powerful enough, I fiddled with the graphic settings and it looks like my card is slightly underpowered for this sim. Its still playable and very enjoyable in most situations though. Thanks for you help, next upgrade, gfx card....

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