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automatic weapon switch (SU-25 for example)


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Hey guys,


I did a quick search but couldn't find anything, so I thought I should open a thread for this:



I fly the SU-25, for example the instant action mission. So I am armed with four guided missiles, two bombs, and two pods of unguided rockets.


I see a convoy of vehicles and shoot my rockets. I stay with my finger on the trigger until all rockets are gone. I hit some of the targets and turn around for another attack.


I switch to my bombs and.... wait. Did I say bombs? I only have one of them left. What happened?


Here's what happened:

After my rockets were all gone the SMS automatically switched to the next weapon (my bombs) and since my finger was on the trigger I instantly dropped my first bomb... somewhere near the target.


I can't imagine this is how it works in the real plane, and it is not fun. Is there a way to prevent that? What I am doing now is to drop bombs first and only use rockets when there aren't any other weapons on the plane, in order not to waste my weapons.



TL DR: Can we prevent the SMS of the SU-25 (and other planes too I guess) to automatically switch weapons?

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Interesting... when using rockets in the SU-25A when I run out of rockets, last I remember it doesn't switch automatically. The only time I remember it switching automatically is when the hardpoint no longer exists.


In the case of rockets the weapons panel for the hardpoints will still light up but it shows the hardpoints as empty.

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I dono how it is in the real plane but I would say automatic switching is a good idea if you have different kinds of rockets. But there should be a safe guard to not automatically switch to bombs.


What ever is the realism is. It could be even be nicer to have this switchable to ON an Off in Realism settings for others starting out.

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