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Bugs in campaign 1.2.5?


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I noticed probably a bug in newest version 1.2.5. When I play Georgian Oil War - Grand Campaign with Ka-50 I successfuly destroy required enemy targets and mission says "Mission succesful" with 100% but when I exit to debrief it shows result with 0 and in logbook there is something like this even though I destroyed 12 targets with missiles. Does anyone else have similar issue?

                        [15] = 
                           ["datetime"] = "24.7.2013 17:02:53",
                           ["agKills"] = 0,
                           ["aaKills"] = 0,
                           ["result"] = 0,
                           ["deathsCount"] = 0,
                           ["stage"] = 15,
                           ["mission"] = "ATO-B-P6.1.miz",
                       }, -- end of [15]

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in which file do you find these lines?


I've noticed the same flying the A-10C. Debriefing of the mission says zero kills at all for me, although i shot three AAAs. But logbook in the main menu says three agKills...



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