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Welcome to the :lol::clown_2::animals_bunny::censored::cheer3nc: Farm

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC] SMOKE'M:smoke: IF YA GOT'M!:gun_rifle:

H2o Cooler I7 9700k GA 390x MB Win 10 pro

Evga RTX 2070 8Gig DD5

32 Gig Corsair Vengence, 2T SSD.

TM.Warthog:joystick: :punk:, CV-1:matrix:,3x23" monitors, Tm MFD's, Saitek pro rudders wrapped up in 2 sheets of plywood:megalol:

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What they said, welcome. I've only been at it a few months myself but I LOVE it. Spend some time to learn the aircraft correctly. Go through the training flights, read the manuals and spend time on these forums. Everybody here is really helpful. Best flight sim to date. See ya out there, I hope.



The State Military (MAG 13)





AV-8B BuNo 164553


Col J. “Poe” Rasmussen



Specs: Gigabyte Z390 Pro Wifi; i9-9900K; EVGA 2080 Ti Black; 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4; Samsung 970 EVO Series M.2 SSD; WIN10; ASUS VG248QE; CV-1 and Index

Modules: A-10C; AV8B; CA; FC3; F-5; F-14; F-18; F-86; HAWK; L-39; P-51; UH1H; NTTR; Normandy; Persian Gulf

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Thanks Josh for the good advices :)

I'm walking through the paces, step by step, getting familiar with the real aerodynamics and the controls.

And oh boy are there a lot of them lol.

I do miss the rush of a good dogfight but, as you wrote, I found out that DCS has the reputation of being the best sim so I'll have to be patient and get some good habits instead of the current ones.

Well...onwards and upwards.


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