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Game crashed if group disable


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DCS crashed with 1.2.5 everytime if a ai plane despawn (group disable) from here:




with 1.2.4 it runs fine.


This also happend in another mission if a ai plane despawn through the ...part of group in zone => group disable...trigger action




Edit: if there is a ######### in the logs..its just standing for my real user name


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Known issue introduced with 1.2.5, has been reported



OK. The ED can the error.

The only problem is that neither made a meaningful mission because of this error.

I pay attention to everything difficult, but it manages to mess up things that work properly?

Someone is on vacation and cleaning work instead?


This is my Mission. While loading the mission server crash



Sincerely :



Comment: My mission with DCSWORLD 1.2.4 works fine. Now tested the mission and deleted all AI planes and helicopter. Remove the activate/deactivate trigger from the AI Air units. Still does not work. Mission loading.. Hit the fly button any planes and server crash... I'm not happy


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Having trouble finding one of our user made missions to run without a crash in 1.2.5 still testing missions at the moment.


Forum rules - DCS Crashing? Try this first - Cleanup and Repair - Discord BIGNEWY#8703 - Youtube - Patch Status

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Same here! Everything that was created before 1.2.5 upgrade Crashes. Crash log points to a lua error.


See spoiler for crash log :cry:




# -------------- 20130724-155703 --------------


# C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 3FC5FDF4 00:00000000

00000000 00000000 0000:00000000

3FC5FDF4 002CEB70 0000:00000000

3FC5EDBE 002CEBA0 0000:00000000

F4D06F97 002CEBE0 0000:00000000 lua_yield()+507

F4D14A86 002CEDA0 0000:00000000 luaS_newlstr()+44C6

F4D07038 002CEDD0 0000:00000000 lua_yield()+5A8

F4D061BF 002CEF50 0000:00000000 lua_getinfo()+39F

F4D0721E 002CEF90 0000:00000000 lua_resume()+10E

F4D02290 002CEFE0 0000:00000000 lua_pcall()+60

3FC5001F 002CF050 0000:00000000

3FC507FF 002CF0A0 0000:00000000

F7C78561 002CF130 0000:00000000

F7C78A1B 002CF180 0000:00000000

3FC158E9 002CF210 0000:00000000

3FC1833D 002CF270 0000:00000000

3FC2E664 002CF2A0 0000:00000000

3FC2E53B 002CF2D0 0000:00000000

3FCC27F8 002CF340 0000:00000000

3FCC3DAE 002CF940 0000:00000000

3FCC69EB 002CF9F0 0000:00000000

773E652D 002CFA20 0001:0001552D C:\Windows\system32\kernel32.dll BaseThreadInitThunk()+D

77ADC521 002CFA70 0001:0002B521 C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll RtlUserThreadStart()+21




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