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Lot of corrupted files in DCS World 1.2.5 !


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my auto update from DCS 1.2.4 to DCS 1.2.5 crashed and could not launch the game later.


Downloaded DCS World 1.2.5 but lot of corrupted files at the installation !!

Now i can no more launch the game . :mad:


Other people in this case ? I Have Win7 64 , DCS 1.2.4 worked fine since months !


Regards .

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Well, I tried in admin mode, crash again.


I lauched the repair module, it crashed (!!)


But after that, I could launch DCS WOrld and Su25 works fine. that's an absolute mystery .


Now I have to re install Black shark 1 then Black shark 2 module !!

I hope this will work .



Thx :)

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Just a suggestion: Make backups of the entiere DCS-Installation, all config files, all third party configurations (helios profiles, HOTS config, ...).


Do this after every update and just before you change anything. Using an incremental backup will speed up this process (it's just a matter of minutes).


DCS is a complicated game and not as easy to reconfigure and install as other. So it's worth the (minor) effort.


A version control system for some lua-skripts would be a good idea too.

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