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I was just wondering if anyone knows, is Steel Beasts worth buying now ? Or is it too old of a game/sim to justify spending 100 bux on in 2013.


So is it still worth buying or would it be better to forget about it now ?

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They are on the verge of releasing version 3.0...sometime this month maybe? Lots of good updates, I hear.


It's has always been (and will continue to be, for the foreseeable future) the best modern tank simulation on the market. If that's your thing, then this is the game for you. The graphics still lag, but they are better than they used to be (plus I'm not sure what 3.0 will bring).


Here's a thread with a lot of the updates..


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3.0 is available. There are some Codemeter server problems preventing some users from updating their dongle licence, but that should be ironed out today. Note there is a new 'no dongle' monthly licence which is a great way to access the sim now.


I haven't played for a while, but it felt good to get back into SB with shadows and much nicer looking models and particle effects.

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Take a look at Steel beasts




Its a promotional set of videos for 911 a German VU

Spoiler there is no view from in side the Apache its not playable in the PE version.

Also the snow effect is not in game yet.

But every thing else is actual game play.


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I have a hard time to believe that ED would turn esim down categorically. I have heard multiple comments stating that DCS was not ready for 3rd party ground vehicle modules though.


I thought someone on these forums was working on their own Abrams sim, forget who, but I think he stated he approached ED and was told that right now was not the time for high fidelity ground vehicles. Again, thats not an official source, but it sounds more reasonable than assuming ED would just reject the idea all together.


Ahhh... Here it is:



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1146563203_makefg(6).png.82dab0a01be3a361522f3fff75916ba4.png  80141746_makefg(1).png.6fa028f2fe35222644e87c786da1fabb.png  28661714_makefg(2).png.b3816386a8f83b0cceab6cb43ae2477e.png  389390805_makefg(3).png.bca83a238dd2aaf235ea3ce2873b55bc.png  216757889_makefg(4).png.35cb826069cdae5c1a164a94deaff377.png  1359338181_makefg(5).png.e6135dea01fa097e5d841ee5fb3c2dc5.png

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After 1 week of playing with SB, this gem is really fun, Spike LR (LR 4000m range).

Not my recording, but you get the idea.


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For those that are interested, the first update to V3 has arrived, V3.011.


Main changes are improved lighting effects and some multiplayer updates, as well as a long list of bug fixes, though the complete changelog should appear shortly.


It is available here: http://www.esimgames.com/?p=1623


A (slightly over enthusiastic :) ) player has already put together a brief fly through to showcase the improved lighting effects.






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Per Ardua Ad Aquarium :drink:

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Version 3.025 released. No patch, just a full installer but with tons of bugfixes. Navmeshbuilder 1.20 added to downloads.



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List of new units (not including previous units)


Tanks: Leopard 2A6


Sho't Kal

T-55A m.1970

T-72B1 m.1985

T-72B1 m.2012



AMV XA-360





Marder 1A3

Pandur 1

Pandur 1 (RWS)

RG-31E 4x4




Dingo 2A2

Pinzgauer 710M








M113 G3/OPMV

M113 G3/Repair


SPz 2 Luchs A2



Wisent AEV


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