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Operation Phoenix


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Op Phoenix Prt 1

Disgruntled Russian Ex-military commanders along with some militia and a handful of terrorist insurgents have overrun SUKHUMI and GUDAUTA. Sukhumi is home to some of the largest weapons and ammunition factories this side of the moon so these guys are armed to the teeth and then some. They have also laid siege to Gudauta airbase along with numerous military aircraft, armour and a multitude of munitions.


Two Huey transport helicopters are to collect some marines and engineers and bring them to Sukhumi-Babushara airbase where they will be taken to Sukhumi via convoy to flush out enemy forces and re-establish the FARP as a FOB.


The A10's and KA-50's will be tasked with eliminating anti-air and any other heavily armoured vehicles prior to the convoy's arrival.


Once we have secured Sukhumi and have the FOB fully up and running reinforcements will arrive for the next step in eradicating these rebel forces in Gudauta.









Op Phoenix prt 2


Disgruntled Russian Ex-military commanders along with some militia and a handful of terrorist insurgents have overrun SUKHUMI and GUDAUTA.

We have successfully taken back SUKHUMI's FARPs and have established a FOB. The rebel forces that were not killed or captured have retreated to GUDAUTA where we know they are going to be able to put up one hell of a fight due to all the captured equipment and munitions. Many of the rebels have escaped in trucks, cars and anything else that could carry them.

We have a handful of armoured vehicles enroute to the FOB for later tasking but they will take a while yet to get here.


On station we have:


2X Kamov-50 attack helicopters

2X A10 Warthogs

4X Huey Gunships

2x Huey medivac/transport choppers




Tanker 150 MHz tacan 11X

JTAC "pointer" 125 MHz AM


Predator 127 MHz AM

Armed convoy Beacon 41FM









Op Phoenix prt 3




This is the last push and the big brass wants us throwing in everything we’ve got, right down to the kitchen sink! They've even dug up two privately owned P51 Mustang's and have had them re-armed and refitted to help where they can.

During the taking back of Gudauta some rebels have managed to sneak away with a sizable amount of weapons munitions and armoured transport vehicles. We must stop them at all cost before they make it back across the Russian border.


Huey: EXFIL assault infantry from LZ1 and LZ2 and drop them at Gudauta

A10's, KA50's & P51’s: Search and destroy enemy armour that is making a run for it back across the border along the coastal road North West

P51's if anybody is brave enough to go up in one of those old buckets you should be able to make short work of the armoured trucks while the modern craft take care of the big hitters.


Tanker 150MHZ tacan 11X

JTAC "pointer" 125MHZ AM



Huey: Troop pickup

: Convoy escort

: Evac downed pilots

A10's & KA-50’s: Search and destroy enemy armour, Primary objective is to eliminate all anti-air vehicles and emplacements prior to convoy arrival.








I'd also like to give a massive thanks to the scripting guru's responsible for the CSAR.Lua and CTTS.Lua without their hard work most of these missions would not have been possible.

Also a Huge thanks to the rest of the lads at -=VSAAF=- for their ideas and mission testing(which is by no means over) and special thanks to Midnight for helping me understand triggers and creating the really cool mission front pages for me.


Mission Files will hopefully be available as soon as more testing has been done.

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Mission update
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Op Phoenix Open-Beta public release


Finally had some time for working on these 3 missions. All 3 are now in Open-Beta stage and ready for public scrutiny and problem/bug elimination.




Hope a few of you will be willing to fly and comment on these missions.

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