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Help, how to burst certain number of chaff and flare?

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Yep, first bit is quite easy and fast, 2nd bit can be a lot more time consuming;

(i use an x52Pro as well)


Bundle of multiple flares spread over a given time;

Make an advanced command for any button you wish. (i used ministick aft, using bands)


Set "macro" for the upper row (Press)

select upper row and hit Delete a couple times, equal to the number of flares you wish to release in a bundle. (for example 5)


Then right click on any of the keys and select "quantize time" and enter 0.005

This means that each action in the rule will now be carried out 0.005 seconds after one another.


Ofcourse you can alter this number to whatever you want.


Though i also use the slider to pop flares while running in and extending to prevent sam launches.

(i use one side of the slider for ingress= relatively high interval and other side for egress which has an relatively low interval)


Again, set slider to bands, and assign advanced command. (no need to set this one as a macro, no idea why it was needed for the ministick, experiment if you don't get it to work)


In the upper row, again hit delete a good couple times, i suggest at least 15.


And now the tidious work comes.

You have to right click each key press/release and select "set delay"

And enter a time again, for example 0.0 seconds for the first key press/key release combination.

Then for the second set you use 2.5 seconds

The for the third set you use 5.0 seconds

for the fourth 7.5 and so on.


Meaning you will release a flare every 2.5 seconds until you move the slider into a neutral position or until you run out of key presses. (15 in this example)


Alternatively, you can download my profile, and copy paste the commands into your own.

http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=51598 2nd post in that thread. SU-33 profile as a bonus:)


The keeper of all mathematical knowledge and the oracle of flight modeling.:)
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