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Flankertraining tutorials and DCS World?

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I converted them to OGV format and created a lesson.lua for each of them, then integrated them into my FC3 and Su-25T training mission sections.


Here's an example lesson.lua file:

lesson =
   file = 'F-15C_Radar Intro_&_LRS_Mode-Ironhand.ogv',
   name = 'AN/APG-63 Radar Intro & LRS Mode (IH)',
   description = [[Join me in this introduction to the F-15C's radar, the AN/APG-63. The goal of this mission is to introduce you to the Vertical Situation Display (radar scope) and, using the Long Range Search (LRS) mode, to discuss the importance of understanding your scan volume: where it's pointing, and what it's doing. You will also learn to understand and interpret what you might see while in LRS mode. Targeting modes are not discussed. Nor will we be shooting anything down today.]],
   keySort = 6

I tried emailing Ironhand to get his permission to release this, but the earthlink email on his website is outdated. Does anybody know the latest way to get in touch?

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