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Trimmer Disengage throws full nose up


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If by disengaging you mean reset the trim, that's "normal" behavior.


The "untrimmed" position is the park position.

At that, the nose is pointing slightly below the horizon compared with normal flight or hover (at the extreme).

That untrimmed position at mission start prevents the helicopter from moving if wheel brakes are disabled but will make the nose pitch up violently in flight when trim is reset.


However there is no trim reset function in the real Ka-50 and I for my part haven't used it more than a few times when BS1 was originally released.

There is no need for a trim reset function in my eyes and I don't even have it mapped because of that.

Get in the habit to always trim for every change in attitude, even trim when just taxiing and soon you will find no use for the trim reset anymore.




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