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Missing drop animation for SUU-25 dispenser


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I'm not quite sure if this is a flaw, but using the LUU-2 with a SUU-25 dispenser the flare containers are just dropped as normal bombs (and appear just magically under the dispenser). Should they leave the dispenser at the rear (there are four holes in the rear of the dispenser).

DCS:A-10C / DCS:Ka-50 / DCS:UH-1H / DCS:Mig21bis / DCS:P-51D / DCS:Mi-8MTV2 / DCS:Fw190D9 / DCS:Bf109K4 / DCS:C-101EB / DCS:L-39C / DCS:F-5E / DCS:Spitfire LF Mk. IX / DCS:AJS37

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