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su-25T autopilot landing mode ?

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1. Make in ME a mission with your Su25T flying from Airfied A to airfied B. Or fly off A and RTB after a 10 minutes flight at least. Make your final "in flight" waypoint at 20KM away from landing airfield. Make sure you have placed Landing waypoint on Airfied destination.

2. Fly your mission.

3. After take off engage route following AP.

4. Enjoy the flight.

5. AP will head to landing airfield. Call tower for inbound.

6. You will have to manage the throttle, flaps and landing gear while approaching.

7. If you are empty you should slow down to just under 300km/h IAS on approach all things out.

8. Slow down towards 220-250km/h on final approach

9. After you get the outer beacon signal you put your right hand on stick and wait for inner beacon signal.

10. After inner beacon signal AP will shortly disconnect and you have control on final hundreds meters of flight.

11. Sorry... no auto landing for you. :D


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