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Comm menu only works on the ground???

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You actually have to use the Radio in the helicopter instead of the little "cheat" comms menu on the ground.

Bind the "SPU-9 PTT" command in the options to your joystick and work the helicopter's radio properly.

Enable power to the radios you want to use (Intercom, VHF-2) on the forward lower wall panel, set correct frequency for VHF-2 on the left panel, and set the radio distribution selector to the correct channel on the left panel.

All should work as it should.




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try the search function....this has been discussed since 1.23.....the comms button has changed....ralt\ is the new command....you can change it back to just \, so you dont have to use a modifier key every time you wish to make a call



search function for the win

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