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Hi all,


The wiki says this about Group.getSize()


number function Group.getSize(Group self)returns initial size of the group. If some of the units will be destroyed, initial size of the group will not be changed. Initial size limits the unitNumber parameter for Group.getUnit() function.


However, if I destroy a unit in a group using the triggered action of Explode Unit, the number returned by this function decreses.


It appears to show the current size, not the initial size as stated so elaborately in the wiki :cry:

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Looks better with the bug :D


.getSize() returns current size as any getter, initial size would be called .getInitialSize() in a good API.


As for your matter, call some function that stores initial sizes into global table in the early beginning of the mission.

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I retract my earlier statement that its a bug, it looks like it is working as intended. I've put in a request for Group.getInitialSize() to be added so we still have that functionality built in. I'll also fix the wiki page. Edit... who changed the rules for editing the wiki!?

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